I voted – I hope you did, too


Photo by Eric Pancer.

I’m locking my bike at the elementary school to a bench. A guy on the other side of “the line” (marked by blue cones) asks me if he can give me a sample ballot.

“No, thanks, got my own!”

I used the Chicago Tribune’s “ballot maker” website to print a list of the people I wanted to vote for. That included these three Metropolitan Water Reclamation District candidates. I also voted for other candidates who have shown their support for things I want, like high-speed rail (a currently occurring reality in Illinois) and public transit. I voted for people like Pat Quinn and Dan Lipinski to further support these efforts to make Illinois more economically competitive as well as develop more sustainably and most important of all, get people where they’re going on environmentally-friendly transportation modes.

Why did you vote? What message did you send?

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About Steven Vance

Enthusiast for urbanism, bicycling as transportation, and open data. Building a bicycle culture in Chicago.
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=678847491 Gin Kilgore

    Loved your water reclamation info. I wish more people realized how important its work and our overall water/land use policies are.

    I voted because it is the least I can do. It reminds me to keep keep working with fellow residents every day to promote my core values. Alas, I do not think we can expect politicians to be much ahead of their constituents.

    • http://www.stevevance.net/planning Steven Vance

      Maybe the MWRD can improve its marketing budget. Like, “Hey, this is who we are!”

      They can start with the usability of their website. If you walk along any of the rivers or canals in Cook County, or cross any bridges, you’ll often see their signs indicating the presence of a facility.

      “When it floods, it’s both of our faults! Stop using so much water and we’ll promote natural and sustainable water storage!” Ha. You can see how clever I am with these slogans – I only took marketing in high school, but I know my websites.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=678847491 Gin Kilgore

        I saw Debra Shore speak once. She was amazing. I think I slobbered when I spoke with her afterwards. Totally agree with the marketing. I was so mad when all the flooding happened this summer (including our basement) and people were screaming about how the deep tunnel did not save us. Maybe the problem is not lack of underground water storage, maybe the problem is all the pavement!!! Another pet peeve of mine–less talk about green roofs and more talk about green back yards. Dreaming of massive depaving ;-)

        • http://www.stevevance.net/planning Steven Vance

          The Deep Tunnel cannot solve our flooding problems in the same way that building new and more roads cannot solve traffic congestion.

          My backyard floods sometimes and I’ve thought of ways of remediating this. I was able to convince my landlord to buy us a rain barrel (which only cost $50) and I might try to convince her to replace the grass with different plants and perhaps a small pond.

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