Cargo biking, one big sub-sub-culture of American bicycling

Updated May 10, 2011, to include link and information about cargo bike meetup.

As far as the sub-culture of American bicycling goes, cargobikes are quickly becoming one of the fastest sub-sub-cultures.

I’m part of a group of cargobike owners and enthusiasts. We blog and post photographs about our cargo bikes and spread the cargobike love to our friends and neighbors. A friend of mine in Portland, Oregon, first owned a bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike with bucket in front), a Madsen (bucket in back), and now simultaneously owns an orange Yuba Mundo and a black Harry vs. Larry Bullitt (modern, aluminum take on Danish Long John bike).


Travis may like cargobikes more than me – he makes t-shirts!

So what did I do to earn my cargobike chops this month?

I just added five new comments to Dottie’s review of her one-day trip around town with the Yuba Mundo, now for sale at two Chicago local bike shops, J.C. Lind and Blue City Cycles (where mine was born).

I’m also working on emulating this Portland cargo bike meetup for Chicago. My first problem is finding the appropriate bar/restaurant that has a lot of space out front for all the Chicagoans to bring their family and cargo bikes.


Cargo bike meet-up outside Green Dragon Pub in SE Portland. Photo by Jonathan Maus.


I went all the way to Portland, Oregon, to test ride a Yuba Mundo at Joe Bike on Hawthorne. See more photos of my Yuba Mundo or from that trip.

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About Steven Vance

Enthusiast for urbanism, bicycling as transportation, and open data. Building a bicycle culture in Chicago.
  • Andrew Coffey

    Meet Chicago Bakfiets1 best investment Ive made other then shorting Bear, Lehman,

    • Steven Vance

      Please talk more about your monetary investments…

      Did you get Chicago Bakfiets1 from the Dutch Bike Co.?

  • Falebetr

    Have you tried a Big Dummy/Xtracycle? If so, how did it ride and handle cargo compared to the Yuba Mundo?

    • Steven Vance

      I didn’t try either of those. I don’t think anyone in Chicago had a Big Dummy in stock. I did *see* the Kona Ute, though,

      I quickly ruled out even trying an Xtracycle (the conversion kind) because it might be less stable than a longtail bike with welded-on rear rack.