New Honda commercial tells people it’s okay to drive their car while sleepy

Eff you, Honda.

Partial transcript:

We know you.

[Shows guy yawning.]

We know you have to rise early and work late.

[Shows someone drinking coffee. Shows "Lane Departure Warning" signal and an obscured person driving on a rural road driving their Honda Accord in the opposite direction lane, then swerving back into the correct lane.]

With not enough sleep in between.

[Shows hands of driver moving the steering wheel to maneuver the car back into the correct lane with driver's shoulders moving dramatically to either show that the steering wheel had to be yanked or that he's shrugging off the moment.]

The rest of the commercial shows different features and makes stupid comments about your needs and desires.

It’s not okay to drive in that condition.

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  • Adam Herstein

    I saw this commercial too and was appalled that a car company would be actively encouraging driving while tired. These so-called “safety” features really just enable the driver to make increasing bad decisions and assume the car will correct their mistakes. We should not be encouraging bad driving with technology.

    On the other hand, as a cyclist or pedestrian, I’d much rather have the car automatically swerve back into the lane instead of into me.

  • juan

    dont be such pussies, if somebody decides to drive sleepy on the basis of a car commercial then they deserve to die via survival of the fittest. if youre going to bitch about driving while tired, then talk to the truckers unions and all of their methed out employees.

    • Luis Fernando Rocha

      The problem with “survival of the fittest” in this case is hardly in favor of the “fittest”. Just like when drunk drivers always seem to survive yet the innocent people in the other vehicle they slam into seem to always be the ones to die. I think it would be the same situation with sleepy drivers.