Carnage culture dispatch #1

I’ve been a “fan” of carnage culture news and discussion for several years, mainly since I started reading Streetsblog (probably in 2007) and their Weekly Carnage series. I write about “carnage culture” here and a little bit on Grid Chicago. … Continue reading

Humboldt Park “do over”

Read the story below and the final paragraph to fully understand this drawing. If you, like Alderman Roberto Maldonado (26th Ward), received complaints about speeding traffic and difficulty crossing Humboldt Drive, how would you respond? The Chicago Department of Transportation … Continue reading

Witness appeal

In London and Greater London (but not the City of London), when the Metropolitan Police want the public’s help in their investigations of incidents and crimes, including traffic collisions, they erect “Witness Appeal Signs” near the scene. “We are appealing … Continue reading

Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment: Reader updates

In Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment, I showed pictures of how motorists and their steel boxes destroy street infrastructure, including trees and bike racks. I asked for reader submissions. Lee of Car Free Chicago sent in … Continue reading

Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment

Location: Northwest corner of Clark Street and Congress Parkway. This photo shows the damage that automobiles inflict on our cities, environment, and, closest to my heart, bikes and bike parking. An errant motorist jumped the curb and crashed first into … Continue reading