Respect the corner!

Buildings on corners should have corner entrances or minimally deviate. Contractors work on building the new entrance.* The residential building on the northwest corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Halsted Street was built in 2003 with a first-floor commercial space with an … Continue reading

What if Metra employees were late to work as often as Metra passengers?

It was a big deal to news media this morning when new Metra CEO Don Orseno reported at an Illinois House mass transit committee hearing that the commuter-focused rail system experienced a 30% on-time rating in January, when the “polar … Continue reading

Chicagoland transit funding has no traction

I reviewed Metropolitan Planning Council’s short and easy-to-read report about existing funding conditions of Chicagoland transit (CTA, Metra, and Pace) for Streetsblog Chicago. It was more eye-opening that I expected, mainly because I didn’t realize how poorly we fund transit … Continue reading

Wayfinding signs at Van Buren Street Metra station are incomplete

The Regional Transportation Authority has spent $2 million to improve wayfinding between CTA, Metra, and Pace train stations and bus stops in a needed effort to connect newbies and long-time residents to their next transfer. Some of the signs need to … Continue reading