How do you enjoy the roses: Smell them or photograph them?

A tram in Milan, outside the Castello Sforzesco and near the Milano Cardona train station, where I arrived from a short trip from Como. My mother is one to consistently tell me, a communications and photography obsessed traveler who bikes … Continue reading

Bikes on Seoul subway

Brandon found this photo on an irritating website called ffffound. Why irritating? Because there’s no respect for attribution and authorship. I have no idea who took this awesome photo.After a little investigation on Twitter, I determined that the language is Korean. … Continue reading

Can we standardize rules about bikes on trains?

Every transit agency across the United States has different rules about bikes on trains. I think every bus operator with front bike racks has the same rule: “all day, every day”. But taking your bike on the train is a … Continue reading

High-speed rail in Illinois, February 2011 edition

View a map of the places described in this article. A friend of mine traveled by Amtrak’s Lincoln Service from Chicago to St. Louis in January 2011. He reported, “It’s extremely smooth north of Alton and south of Lincoln. You … Continue reading

A better way for bike storage on trains

UPDATED: How BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco region) treats bikes on board. Simple signage and a bike graphic tell all passengers where bikes belong. Photo by Jim Dyer. More photos. Look at the photo below and take in … Continue reading

Another case for integrating biking and transit

Integrating biking and transit can reduce a user’s transportation costs. A friend just instant messaged me to describe his “bike instead of transit” commute, “I spent $440 on Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) this year and $300 on bike stuff. When I … Continue reading