In 2024, ComEd, for reasons not yet known, no longer allows portable induction cooktops to be eligible for the rebate. Full-size induction stoves are still eligible.

My check for $63.99 from ComEd arrived, so I can confidently say ComEd’s energy efficiency program works as advertised.

Induction cooktops are the ideal replacement for all other energy sources, whether a current stove uses gas or electricity to cook food.

  • They release no emissions or toxic chemicals like a gas-burning stove does.
  • They use less electricity and reach temperatures faster than a resistance electricity stove.

They’re ideal for households with children, who have developing brains and bodies that can be negatively affected by NOx and CO. (Read my previous blog post about this.)

How to get a free portable induction cooktop

  1. Buy an induction cooktop. (Keep in mind that the maximum rebate is $100, but appliances that cost more than $100 are eligible.) Wirecutter has recommendations. Amazon, Target, and Walmart, all sell decent-to-good models. In stores, IKEA sells a house brand and 88 Marketplace in Pilsen sells at least one model.
  2. Submit the form, including your receipt, on ComEd’s dedicate website.
  3. Wait for the rebate check to arrive.
The Mueller brand portable induction cooktop I brought from Target, and the rebate check I received from ComEd for $63.99.