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The new term for #robotcar journalism is COWARDD

#robotcar: A journalistic writing style that anthropomorphizes automobiles or hides the fact that a human was operating an automobile involved in a crash.

The new term:
COWARDD, or (C)hoosing (O)bscuring (W)ords (A)bsolves (R)esponsibility of (D)eadly (D)riving.

Thank you to Gary Kavanagh for devising it.

For examples of #robotcar, see these articles on Grid Chicago.

Interview with Bay Citizen on bike crash map

Thank you, Tasmeen, for asking about my bike crash map that your newspaper inspired me to create.

Read the interview.

Read about the bike crash map for Chicago.

View the bike crash map for Chicago (2007-2009).

It’s not this sunny yet, but today it was 49°F in Chicago. This photo was taken on Milwaukee Avenue, where the most people bike, and where the most people have bike crashes.