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Cap contest over – We have a winner

Jennifer Davis of Chicago won the cycling cap contest by coming up with a good slogan, making it into the top 10, and being randomly selected.

Her slogan: “See a whole new world everyday – go by bike.”

It reminds me of the signs in Portland, Oregon, that say “Go by train,” “Go by streetcar,” and “Go by cab.”

See the rest of the slogans.

Why do you bike?

Answering this question may help you come up with a slogan for my contest, in which you’ll win a cycling cap from Kozie Prery. You have until Monday at midnight to submit your ideas (read the rules first)!

“Save gas and lose the ass. Go by bike!” Photo by Serge Lubomudrov.

I haven’t counted all the entries, but at quick glance it looks like I have about 12 entries. That’s a lot more than the two I had for the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride contest!