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Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment: Reader updates

In Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment, I showed pictures of how motorists and their steel boxes destroy street infrastructure, including trees and bike racks. I asked for reader submissions.

Lee of Car Free Chicago sent in these two photos of a traffic collision at Sheffield and Belmont in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois:

Tree cracked and knocked over by motorist.

Richard of Cyclelicious linked me to two photos he took showing the damages motorists cause:

City crews are out to replace a damaged stop sign in Colorado.

The motorist who caused the downed power lines seen in this photo unfortunately suffered a heart attack while driving in California.

Motoring is triple threat to bicycling and the environment

Location: Northwest corner of Clark Street and Congress Parkway.

This photo shows the damage that automobiles inflict on our cities, environment, and, closest to my heart, bikes and bike parking.

An errant motorist jumped the curb and crashed first into the tree, then the bike rack, and finally the bike parked here. The LaSalle Blue Line station entrance is just steps away (in the background). Imagine the fate of a bicyclist who might have been locking their red Schwinn road bike to the bike rack only to find a 2-ton metal box hurtling in their direction. This photo makes clear how driving is a threat to so many aspects of our streets.

The collision had a direct monetary cost. The city will most likely pick up the tab for everything except replacing the bike. Here’s what I surmise from the photographed scene:

  • Tree removal and replacement: >$1,000
  • Bike rack removal and replacement: $450 ($300 for a new one, $150 to remove)
  • Vintage Schwinn: $200
  • Bike removal: $50
  • Cleanup: $150
  • Total: At least $1,850

Please drive carefully. Send me your photos of the automobile imposition – reader updates are here. But wait, I’ve encountered this again and again:

Location: Northwest corner of Elton Avenue and Cicero Avenue.

Location: Northwest corner of Lawrence Avenue and Kostner Avenue in front of Chicago Public Library, Mayfair branch.

UPDATE: Thanks for the mention, BikePortland.