The beauty of Wikipedia is that it allows anyone who possesses knowledge (which is power!) to share info quickly and easily. I’ve done that many times, on Wikipedia as well as on my own wiki about Nishiki bicycles. Check them out:

  • List of United States bike stations – Exactly that. For a short-lived project for work, I had to research anything and everything about bike stations. I first had to make an inventory. Keep in mind that there’s an organization called Bikestation, and their name is trademarked. Putting a space in between the words keeps it generic. The list isn’t complete because I got all the information I needed before I finished the list. Feel free to expand the list on Wikipedia. I also created a category so that the list and other bike stations can be easily found.
  • Cycling in Chicago – This article was a disaster. There were so many statements that weren’t cited (and couldn’t be cited). I cleared them out, adding a reference or two existing statements, but I also added some new information and made sure to reference the new statements.
  • List of United States bicycle advocacy organizations – Another one of “exactly that.” Not very complete, because I’m hoping others will get involved.
  • Nishiki Bicycle History – I’m trying to document the models produced in Japan at the Kawamura factory and sold in the United States. It’s hosted on my domain and so far I’m the only contributor. If you’d like to help me know more about this great bicycle, I can give you a login. I own a mid 1980s Nishiki Prestige, see below: