What if Metra employees were late to work as often as Metra passengers?

It was a big deal to news media this morning when new Metra CEO Don Orseno reported at an Illinois House mass transit committee hearing that the commuter-focused rail system experienced a 30% on-time rating in January, when the “polar … Continue reading

Can you rely on Metra after hearing a story like this?

Thanks for kicking us off the train and letting us freeze @metraMDN #METRA #Chiberia #Chicago @WGNMorningNews pic.twitter.com/njFyJyy53I — Frank Noverini (@noverini) February 5, 2014 Tweet shows a different Metra line but is representative of experiences since #Chiberia began in January.  … Continue reading

Stop locking at the Clybourn Metra station overnight

This is a resolution. WHEREAS, I love GIS. WHEREAS, I was reading this blog post on the Azavea company blog about bike theft prediction and trends in Philadelphia. WHEREAS, I analyzed bike theft location in Chicago in 2012 and the … Continue reading

I need a visualization tip for showing pedestrian and auto traffic in downtown Chicago

Madison Street over the Chicago River. Pedestrian traffic is very high, and very constrained, near the Metra stations. Here’s the goal: Show that pedestrians don’t get sufficient space or time to have a high quality pedestrian experience given that they … Continue reading

Stolen Bike Registry data: Which train stations have the most bike theft?

If you can help it, don’t park your bike on the sidewalk under the tracks at the Clybourn Metra Station. Too many opportunities for theft here.  The Stolen Bike Registry is a website created by Chicagoans for people to notify … Continue reading