I guess some people in the world call large freshwater lakes “sweet water seas”. that would include Lake Michigan, a great lake.

Sweet water sea
Photographed on a very moody day (June 25, 2023). It was raining, then it was sunny, then it was windy. Well, it was never not windy yesterday. And then it rained again.

The mouth of Belmont Harbor is a great place to photograph large planes arriving from Europe and Anchorage, charter fishing boats leaving the harbor, and pre- and post-war apartment buildings that overlook Chicago’s precious source of drinking water and recreation.

Flight UA763 from Denver to O'Hare
Flight UA763 from Denver to O’Hare. There was also Lufthansa B747 in retro livery, Austrian B777, and Korean Air Cargo B747.
King Fisher charter fishing boat on Lake Michigan
King Fisher charter fishing boat heading out onto Lake Michigan from Belmont Harbor.

All photos taken on iPhone 14 Pro. The 3x zoom lens is handy, but still not as good as a handheld camera with interchangeable zoom lens. I’ll bring that next time I’m going to be around Belmont Harbor at the time the jumbo jets arrive.