Cars and drivers never fail to disappoint bicyclists.

Roadways and their accompanying sidewalks should be built for the least-protected user. In all cases, this happens to be the pedestrian; the walker; the person who decided to give their bike or car or motorcycle the day off.

Major cities are beginning to realize this concept (again!) and are taking away space from cars and giving it to people waiting for the bus, cyclists commuting to work and people who just want to cross the street.

StreetsBlog has done a wonderful job announcing and explaining all of the changes the City of New York is bringing forth.

Lately, it’s this bike lane on Ninth Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood. A week ago, it was the announcement and presentation of design for the remake of Grand Army Plaza. And StreetsBlog has been heavily covering the debate and progress of roadway congestion pricing for lower Manhattan.

ninth avenue bike lane

Already the protected mini bike-highway has been overrun by delivery vehicles.

It’s unknown whether the entrances to the separated bike lane will be guarded by retractable bollards

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