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Why do you bike?

Answering this question may help you come up with a slogan for my contest, in which you’ll win a cycling cap from Kozie Prery. You have until Monday at midnight to submit your ideas (read the rules first)!

“Save gas and lose the ass. Go by bike!” Photo by Serge Lubomudrov.

I haven’t counted all the entries, but at quick glance it looks like I have about 12 entries. That’s a lot more than the two I had for the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride contest!

Make up a slogan, win this hat

Erin of Kozie Prery, a Chicago craftster, has generously donated a custom-made cycling cap to the winning reader of Steven Can Plan.

This hat is mine and you can’t have it. You will get to choose from one that’s already made (for sale on her Etsy Shop) or have one created with a style and color you choose. I wore my hat all winter (from January to May 2011, pretty much) and I liked its warmth and softness. It’s also very small and I can stuff it into my jacket or back pants pocket. Erin’s hats are made of reclaimed textiles (she calls them “upcycled”).

How do you win?

Come up with a catchy or clever slogan that you think will attract people to ride their bikes more often, or, for those who don’t currently ride, encourage them to start riding a bike!


  • Consider why you ride a bike
  • Think of why people don’t currently ride a bike
  • Make a list of the places people ride bikes
  • What kinds of trips do people make are more convenient by bike than by other modes?

Imagine your slogan on billboards, postcards, flyers, t-shirts, etc…

In February I came up with the postcard below featuring my sister and a quote I made up.

“A bike, think about it” comes from Mikael of Copenhagenize.

Rules after the jump.

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Win a group entry to Chicago’s Urban Assault ride on May 22

From the website: “The Urban Assault Ride is the biggest bicycle scavenger hunt series in the nation!

Here’s how it works: You and your teammate will set out on a city-wide quest for ‘checkpoints’ on your favorite two-wheeled steeds.  At each checkpoint, you’ll drop your bikes and complete a funky/adventurous obstacle course, then remount your bikes and hit the streets for more.”

I volunteered in 2008 with my coworker/roommate Frank. Promoter Sarah contacted me and we’re offering Steven Can Plan readers a free group entry (you and a friend) to the hunt on Sunday, May 22. She says that the ride is “about turning recreation and fitness cyclists into bike commuters by providing them with a fun and non-threatening opportunity to discover the Chicago bike infrastructure.”

I definitely had a lot of fun operating the Keg Walk checkpoint where costumed racers walked on mini kegs across a grassy field in Lincoln Park (see photos below).

So how do you win?

  • Tweet your favorite Steven Can Plan blog post now until Saturday, May 14th. You can do this as many times as you want but you get one entry!
  • Make sure to mention @stevevance and write #favepost in the tweet so I know you tweeted for this contest.
  • I’ll make a list of everyone who tweeted a post and mentioned me and then pick someone using a random number from Random.org.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, May 15th, via Twitter.
  • You’ll have to come to get your packet a week later on Saturday, May 21st, at Murphy’s Bleachers, 3655 North Sheffield.

Placemaking contest

I submitted this photo to the “What Makes Your Place Great? Your Secret Corner of Chicagoland Contest.”

Stefano Rini took the photo for me.

The contest will have 4 winners, one of which will be chosen by popular vote. I want to increase my chances of winning so I want to win the popular vote. If I don’t win, then it’s up to the judging panel to choose mine amongst three winners.

Vote here!

(Scroll down or search for “growing station”.)