Erin of Kozie Prery, a Chicago craftster, has generously donated a custom-made cycling cap to the winning reader of Steven Can Plan.

This hat is mine and you can’t have it. You will get to choose from one that’s already made (for sale on her Etsy Shop) or have one created with a style and color you choose. I wore my hat all winter (from January to May 2011, pretty much) and I liked its warmth and softness. It’s also very small and I can stuff it into my jacket or back pants pocket. Erin’s hats are made of reclaimed textiles (she calls them “upcycled”).

How do you win?

Come up with a catchy or clever slogan that you think will attract people to ride their bikes more often, or, for those who don’t currently ride, encourage them to start riding a bike!


  • Consider why you ride a bike
  • Think of why people don’t currently ride a bike
  • Make a list of the places people ride bikes
  • What kinds of trips do people make are more convenient by bike than by other modes?

Imagine your slogan on billboards, postcards, flyers, t-shirts, etc…

In February I came up with the postcard below featuring my sister and a quote I made up.

“A bike, think about it” comes from Mikael of Copenhagenize.

Rules after the jump.


  • Email your slogan or message to by July 11, 2011.
  • Your slogan or message should be 140 characters or shorter.
  • For two entry credits, make a design to go along with your slogan or message. This can be an icon, text on a photo, or another graphic.
  • You can send up to three (3) entries. You can get a maximum of six (6) entry credits.
  • By sending me your slogan or message, you give me permission to use it on Steven Can Plan, and on any publications or documents I, Steven Vance, may create. I will always attribute you as the contributor.
  • Slogans or messages must be original creations! I will be checking to see if the slogan or message you submitted can be attributed to someone else.
  • This is open to all Steven Can Plan readers with a shipping address in the 50 States and the District of Columbia.
  • I will pick 10 slogans I think would be most effective at achieving the goal I outlined above.
  • I will use to randomly pick a number that corresponds to an entry position in those top 10.