Garret, a Moving Design participant, talked about his friend in the Netherlands who was text messaging while bicycling and ran into a parked car. This was during the conversation about the homework assignment: talk to someone who’s been hit, and who’s hit. Text messaging while bicycling is extremely common in the Netherlands. Take a look at this photo featuring a father riding a bakfiets with his baby in the front cargo bay, and text messaging.

Click through to the photo and you’ll read my caption:

He couldn’t be safer. Driving cars and cycling is safer in the Netherlands than in any other country in the world (at least amongst the ones that have detailed and comprehensive statistics and record keeping). This dad is riding a bakfiets with a baby (facing dad in a car seat) while text messaging (or just looking at his phone).

Another photo:

While we’re on the subject, here’s a photo of a guy riding a Segway in the bike lane, going the wrong direction, and using his cellphone.

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