A view of the Dominick’s and AMC River East movie theater in Streeterville at Columbus Drive and Illinois Street, by Ian Freimuth.

Gail Spreen spoke at the November 7, 2011, Chicago Transit Authority budget hearing on behalf of SOAR (Streeterville Organization of Active Residents). Here’s a summary of her speech:

We don’t have a CTA station, so we rely on buses. We appreciate transit trackers that makes them more predictable to use. There’s significant growth potential in the neighborhood because we have much undeveloped land. We ask that our service be continued and hopefully expanded in the future. The medical institutions are growing and are active users of transit. The encouragement and possible requirement for using transit may come into play. We appreciate the good communication between CTA and SOAR. Our goal is to make Streeterville the greenest neighborhood in the city. You can read the full text on their site (but the PDF’s not accessible).

From Wikipedia: Streeterville is a neighborhood in the Near North Side community area bounded by the river on the south, the Magnificent Mile portion of Michigan Avenue on the west, and Lake Michigan on the north and east, according to most source. The majority of the land in this neighborhood is reclaimed sandbar.