UIC has a notable graduate school for Urban Planning. It works closely with the city and several metropolitan planning organizations to settle itself in the regional planning community in order to create networking contacts for students with potential employers and to enhance the education the school offers students.

That’s a great marketing statement for the school I just made up on the spot now. I recently submitted my application to the school – it’s due tomorrow, Monday, October 1st, 2007. I hope I get in. However, I’m not sure if I would be disappointed if I don’t get in. I feel that I will have more options for graduate school should I be rejected. For one, I will have to apply to other schools for the Fall 2008 semester, and two, I will take the GRE before reapplying.

UIC is one of the few schools which I’ve investigated that allows students to join the program in the spring semester. Arizona State University doesn’t accept students for spring and neither does Portland State University, both schools I’ve briefly considered. The one school in which I’m interested but haven’t checked for application deadlines is the University of Washington in Seattle.

I looked into ASU because my dad resides in Mesa, Arizona, next door to ASU’s hometown of Tempe. I’ve researched PSU because Portland, Oregon, is a great city, as is Seattle – I also enjoy the weather of the Pacific Northwest. A few years ago, I was planning to go to the University of Washington for my undergraduate studies, but the non-resident’s tuition cost kept me away.

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