My favorite photo from my first (and only) trip to Portland, Oregon, in April 2010. 

Things I want to see or do:

  • New Sellwood non-car bridge
  • South Waterfront
  • Bike on a trail outside of town
  • Visit the ocean (this won’t happen as it will take too much of my short time there)
  • Buy a WorkCycles Fr8
  • Any other urban design, urban planning stuff that’s gone in since April 2010
  • Bike in Sunday Parkways
  • Take more photos of curbs

People I want to meet:

  • Jonathan Maus
  • Will Vanlue
  • Travis Wittwer
  • EthanPDX
  • Joel (at Splendid Cycles)
  • Metrofiets people
  • Mia Birk
  • Kelly C. and Jennifer D. at the university
  • Mayor Adams
  • Roger Geller
  • I want to interview some people about Sunday Parkways
  • Toni and Candace from Women and Women First bookstore